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The Benefits of Custom Made Coffee Tables, End Tables, Coat Racks And Shelves For Your Home

Crooked Wood Canada makes custom-made coffee and end tables, coat racks, shelves, and cutting boards made of walnut, maple, and olive wood. The owner will speak to you directly to design the piece you choose and make it the way you want. Each design is unique and made from one piece of wood. The shop has an online gallery with tables, coat racks, shelves, and cutting boards that you can order online.

Benefits of Custom-Made Tables and Accessories

One of the benefits of custom-made coffee tables, end tables, coat racks and cutting boards is they are unique to your home. You can talk to the owner and craftsman of Crooked Wood Canada and discuss the piece you want and how you want it designed. He consults with his clients and lets them participate in the design of the furniture. It is unique to your home, and you will not find the same piece in your family or friends homes. You will be collaborating directly with the craftsmen who design it, purchase the wood, and make it by hand. Craftsmen use quality materials because they pride themselves on doing quality work. Your table or shelving will be unique, not mass produced on an assembly line.

With a custom-made coffee and end tables, they will not be missing features you want because you participate in the design. Many tables can be a coffee table in the living room, a side table for dining or one you can put in your bedroom. These tables have a beautiful grain and are sanded and coated with hard wax oil to protect the wood from wear. You can design a cutting board for your kitchen or one to serve snacks on when entertaining. Large cutting boards are designed for wine and cheese parties, and weekend parties. Crooked Wood Canada makes custom lamps and shelves for rooms. These are unique items you will not find in any store.

Advantages of Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is eco-friendly and often the saw dust or leftover wood is used to make other products. Walnut wood comes in different textures and the color of the wood varies from light brown to dark brown with tones of black. Oil is often applied to the surface to make the color stand out and be unique. With modern tools, it is easier and faster to design and make custom-made pieces for customers. Add touches can be engraving and cutting the wood in a certain shape. Walnut is a hard wood and high quality that can last many years due to its durability. This wood is resistant to denting and scratching. It is resistant to water and mold, another positive factor. Walnut wood is easy to clean and maintain and fire resistant.

Other woods we use are olive wood and maple, both hardwoods that need different types of cleaning and maintenance. Contact Crooked Wood Canada by filling out our online form to learn more about our custom-made coffee and end tables, coat racks, shelves and cutting boards. You can email us too by using the email address on the website. We want to design a unique piece of furniture for your home.

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