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Custom Walnut Furniture

About My Custom Walnut Furniture

Custom walnut furniture adds a beautiful element to any room, and every piece that I make is crafted with care and attention. In addition to the custom walnut furniture I sell, you’ll also find beautiful shelving, coat racks, charcuterie boards, and more. Many customers are concerned when it comes to creating and choosing custom walnut furniture, since the process can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. At Crooked Wood Canada, I pride myself on helping every single customer feel comfortable throughout the process of building their own custom piece. The key is that you enjoy the process, from the conception of your design all the way through production and delivery. I definitely want you to love your new custom furniture or home decor for many years into the future. Feel free to contact me directly so I can walk through the process of the build so you can turn your dreams and your visions of custom furniture into a reality.

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